Boston-Iceland $300 for a Long Weekend in November

I’ve seen many incredible places, but none of them take my breath away like Iceland. It’s a naked rocky island in the North Atlantic exposed to all the fury nature can throw at it: hurricane-force winds, pounding blizzards, violent volcanic eruptions, and chilling subzero temperatures. If you want to be reminded of your mortality, stand in an empty fjord, the only person around for miles, and yell into the nothingness.

Right now WOWair, Iceland’s budget airline competitor to the pricier Icelandair, offers non-stop flights to Rekyjavik, the country’s capital. Four full days in Iceland is enough to get a feel for Reykavik’s excellent music scene and nightlife, plus make a few excursions to the Golden Circle, hike the mountain on the other side of the fjord, or venture to the stunning black sand beaches of Iceland’s southern coast.

Fly from Boston to Rekyjavik on the night of Wednesday, November 2nd and return on Monday, November 7th for $300. WOW lets you bring a 5 kilo (11 lb) carry-on for free, so if a small backpack isn’t enough for a long weekend, pay an extra $58 to bring a carry-on up to 12 kg (26 lb).

Share this great offer with anyone you know who wants to visit Iceland!

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