Celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris with Cheap Flights from NYC, Miami, Chicago

Ah, Paris. The City of Light. Have you ever spent Thanksgiving outside of the USA? It sort of feels weird to forgo the traditional platter of turkey with all the fixings, but if you were in Paris instead you probably wouldn’t mind.

Here are three fares from NYC, Miami/Ft.Lauderdale and Chicago, starting at $404 r/t:

NYC-Paris Nov 17-24 on Norwegian for $404. Nonstop both ways.

Ft. Lauderdale – Paris Nov 18-26 on Norwegian for $529. Nonstop inbound, with one connection in Copenhagen on the way back.

Chicago-Paris Nov 18-25 on Air Canada/United for $504. Via Montreal inbound, nonstop on the way back.

Bon voyage! And don’t forget to share these awesome deals with any friends or family who might be interested.

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