Miami-Copenhagen r/t for $304 First Week of October.

So, Scandinavian Airlines just launched a new route from Miami to their hub in Copenhagen, with a stopover in Newark. They’re celebrating by pricing some of their flights at $99, which is ridiculous. And Norwegian has a return nonstop budget flight to Ft. Lauderdale for $205, which ain’t half bad, either.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen before? It’s lovely in the fall. Try the smørrebrød , go see a concert at Tivoli Gardens, and if you’re a history buff like I am, take the train out to Roskilde so you can see 5 original thousand-year-old Viking ships, including a full-sized warship that sailed from Denmark to Dublin in 3 days (they know this for a fact because they built an exact copy a few years back and did it themselves).

Anyways, enough with the hyperbole, here are your cheap flights from Miami to Copenhagen:

Book the first leg on the SAS website for $99. Sep 30th is your departure date so you get in on Oct 1st.

Book the Oct 9th return on Norwegian for $205.

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