Chicago / Minneapolis / Kansas City / Milwaukee to Tenerife in January from $587

I’ve never had the misfortune to experience winter in the upper Midwest, but I hear it’s pretty brutal. Personally, I never want to be trapped in a bus because of a blizzard — maybe that’s just me.

A little warmth and sunshine can go a long way towards alleviating those dark, cold winter blues. Which is why you should consider visiting Tenerife, part of the Spanish Canary Islands chain off the coast of Morocco. It never really gets cold in Tenerife — average temperatures in January are around 65 F, with ocean temperatures in the high 60s. If you’re an avid hiker, the Canary Islands offer some of the most astounding landscapes to tackle, and unlike in the summer, you don’t have to worry about face-melting temperatures.

Anyways, this deal comes in two parts. First you have to get to New York City. From there you book this roundtrip flight to Tenerife from Jan 14-24 on Norwegian for $481.

The second part is booking your flight from wherever it is you’re coming from. All these flights are from Jan 14-25; the return flight from Tenerife to NYC arrives late in the evening of the 24th, so you overnight in New York and fly back to your hometown on January 25th.

From Chicago, fly Jetblue for $106.

From Kansas City, fly American for $260

From Milwaukee, fly Delta for $255

From Minneapolis, fly Delta for $301

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