Amsterdam / Brussels to Miami/Fort Lauderdale from €357 in November

Every year people make the tragic mistake of visiting Florida in the middle of the summer. Don’t do that. Temperatures reach 40 C or more; the sun will cook you until you’re burnt to a crisp, especially if you’re from Belgium or The Netherlands and aren’t used to that sort of heat.

Instead, if you’re looking for flights from Amsterdam to Miami or flights from Brussels to Miami, wait until November. By then, you’ll be able to go outside without turning into a puddle of sweat. Average November temperature in Miami  hovers around 20-23 C, so you’ll have more energy to explore the ultra-hip Wynwood arts district, party in South Beach, and run from alligators chasing you.

From Amsterdam:

You book this trip in two parts. Heads up, because the website is in Norwegian (flights are cheaper when booked through this version so you will be paying in Norwegian Krone. Use Google Translate if you’re confused).

First, Amsterdam-Oslo Oct 31-Nov 9 on Norwegian for 845 NOK, or €90.
Second, Oslo-Fort Lauderdale Oct 31-Nov 9 on Norwegian  for 2467 NOK, or €267.

Keep in mind that on the first leg, you arrive in Oslo from Amsterdam 1 hr 55 min prior to departure for the Oslo-Fort Lauderdale flight. If that feels a little too close for comfort, you can book a nonstop flight from Amsterdam to Oslo on SAS that arrives in Oslo thirty minutes earlier, but it costs an extra €20.

From Brussels:

This one is a lot more straightforward.

Nov 12-22 on Jetairfly, nonstop each way to Miami for €415

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