New York to Split, Croatia for $412, Roundtrip

For the past week or so I’ve been back in Croatia — this is my fourth time here but my first time during the peak season, at the tail end of the summer.

Split is the capital of Dalmatia, a much larger city than the more glamorous Dubrovnik — the set of Game of Thrones — and a place that I called home for a month. There’s a ton of things to do here, even if you come in the winter.

The Green Market is a great place to go shopping for fresh vegetables and fruit, the sprawling Palace of Diocletian, which has been the beating heart of the city for almost two thousand years and is a UNESCO world heritage site, the massive park forest Marjan is basically a small mountain the city government decided to keep wild instead of developing and is perfect for a run.

Split is also a major hub for ferries leaving to the many beautiful islands around Dalmatia, including Hvar — famous as a stop for the yacht week  — Vis, and Mljet, the island I’m currently on, where less than two thousand people live and there’s a saltwater lagoon nestled between two mountain ridges here and perfect for swimming, even in late September.

You can find a cheap flight from New York City to Split between the end of November and the beginning of December, although bear in mind this isn’t a beginner’s itinerary. You’ll need to book three separate legs for this trip on three different budget airline websites, plus be prepared to sleep overnight in Cologne on the inbound and Copenhagen on the way back. But hey — $412. Need I say more?

Nov 25 to Dec 7 New York JFK to Copenhagen on Norwegian for 2569 NOK ($309).

Nov 26 to Dec 6 Copenhagen to Cologne on Ryanair for 169 DKK ($25).

Nov 27 to Dec 6 Cologne to Split on Germanwings for €70 ($78).

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