Emirates Airlines Sale: New York to Milan for $692, Roundtrip

Milan is one of the great fashion capitals of the world, but it’s got a lot more than fancy clothes boutiques going for it.

This is a Roman city, with some of the oldest churches in the world thanks to Constantine’s Edict of Milan in 313, which made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire.

Milan is one of the best places in Italy to go out for the legendary aperitivo, where beautiful, well-dressed people  sip fancy cocktails  and eat their fill of delicious cured meats, olives, cheeses, and other delights. Here’s a list of some of the best bars in Milan to check out. And if you feel like doing something a little less posh, you can always crash in one of the many anarchist squats in Milan. 

Normally you can fly from New York to Milan for under $600, but it’s not every day that Emirates Airlines, one of the most luxurious air carriers in the world, has a sale. Right now there’s a super cheap flight between New York City and Milan, nonstop, on one of their brand-new Airbus A380 aircraft (that’s the one that’s double-decker), so take advantage of this sale to Milan while it’s still there!

Nov 2-12 from New York JFK to Milan MXP on Emirates for $692. Support this website by booking your flight on DoHop. 

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