Norwegian — $321: Boston to Madrid, Roundtrip.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the New York City of Spain: a sprawling urban jungle where people from all over the world have come to make a home. You can do anything and find anything in Madrid.

I’ve visited this city four times now, and each occasion have found something different and extraordinary. Interestingly enough, I’ve never visited it alone — it’s always been with a friend or family member.

Museo del Prado

My very first time in the city I stuck to a pretty typical tourist itinerary with my dad, who visited me for my birthday. We went to the Museo del Prado (the equivalent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art) to feast our eyes on works by Goya and Velázquez.

The Cat Lady of Parque Retiro

When my best friend Deena came to visit me in Madrid, we ambled through Parque Retiro (Madrid’s answer to Central Park) and met a lady who is part of an association that feeds the semi-feral cats that live there, partied until sunrise at Teatro Kapital, and saw a live flamenco performance over dinner.


My cousin Salo and I were in Madrid to watch Spain fail spectacularly in the 2014 World Cup. On less than 30 euros a day we had a great time in the city. While the locals weren’t in such a happy mood, we enjoyed ourselves immensely thanks to a splurge at the gourmet Mercado San Miguel. We also went on two day trips to the nearby historical cities of Toledo and Segovia — Toledo is a great place to learn about the once-thriving Jewish population of Spain, and Segovia has a spectacular Roman aqueduct that once brought water onto the Castillian plain from the rugged Sierra Guadarama, which you can see to the south of the city.


Finally, this past summer I had a 36 hour stopover in Madrid with my girlfriend Caitlin. We spent our time in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Usera, where the local markets were run by a mix of Thai, Ghanaian and Chinese. We were within walking distance of the Matadero, a former slaughterhouse converted three years ago into a modern arts and culture center, and went there for a food and beer festival.

Madrid really has something for everyone, and if for some reason you get a bit tired of the hectic pace of the city, you can always day trip out to Toledo, Segovia, and other historical or natural landmarks in Spain. There’s also a three hour high-speed rail connection to Barcelona, which I highly recommend for the scenery, comfort, and convenience compared to flying.

If you want to getaway to Spain this winter, cheap flights from Boston to Madrid start in the low $300s for January. Here’s a sample fare I found:

Jan 15-25 from Boston to Madrid on Norwegian for $321. Support this website by booking your flight on DoHop. 

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