TAP Portugal — $579: Miami to Geneva, Roundtrip.

Geneva BFM Sunset

I’ve never been to Switzerland because it’s too goddamn expensive for me, but if you have a bit of cash to splash and have always wanted to brag to your friends about gorging on Swiss chocolate and fondue at a fancy chalet apres-ski, you have to come here.

up up and away

Besides the incredible scenery and food, there’s quite a lot of culture. In Geneva, you can see St. Pierre’s Cathedral, the church where John Calvin, 16th Century Christianity’s answer to the Taliban, got his start.

If you’re into blown glass and ceramics, the Musee Ariana has quite the collection of valuable and delicate objects (just try not to trip and fall, lest you break the merchandise). There are also plenty of museums that offer free admission; since it costs $5 just for a cup of coffee, you won’t want to go overboard with entertainment.

And if you want to get out of Geneva and hit up one of the many world-class ski resorts — or just do some sightseeing — buying a Swiss Rail pass is great value for your money. All you need to do is look out the window, and you’ll be blown away.

... and the cheese fondue.

For a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to enjoy Geneva without going broke, including how to obtain a free public transportation pass, this list of 10 things you need to know about Geneva is a good resource.

While Switzerland is a bit frostier than South Beach in February, if you’re willing to bundle up for a week or two you’ll have priceless memories of stunning mountains, delicious chocolate, comforting fondue, and hopefully a selfie or two with the Matterhorn behind you.

Here’s a cheap flight from Miami to Geneva that I found; the prices for January and February, if you’re flexible, will be in this range:

Feb 6-15 from Miami to Geneva on TAP Portugal for $579. Get the cheapest price on your flight and support this website by booking on DoHop. 

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