Norwegian is Having a Black Friday Sale — Roundtrip Flights to Europe from $240.

Norwegian’s low prices feature on this website quite often, but they’re really outdoing themselves for Black Friday. Until midnight — or until seats run out — the airline has slashed prices on pretty much every route. You can find cheap flights from New York to London, travel sales from San Francisco to Madrid, and just about any other major route combo you can think of.

The discounted fares are blacked out from December 16- January 9, but continue uninterrupted until March 25th. If there was ever a time to book a vacation to Europe on President’s Day weekend or an early spring break, this is it.

The absolutely cheapest route seems to be New York to Stockholm for $240 if you go during the second half of January.


Some other standout fares I found were Boston to Barcelona for $362 from February 6-15 and Los Angeles to Paris for $386 from March 8-18.

Keep in mind that Norwegian charges about $100 extra for a checked bag, but I’ve managed to live out of a carry-on backpack for almost two years in Europe so you can probably manage for a couple weeks.

Go to Norwegian’s US website and learn more about the deal here.

If you don’t see a flight to a destination you want, keep in mind there are plenty of other cheap airlines that offer connections from Norwegian’s major hubs in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo. Have more questions about flying on European budget carriers such as Norwegian? You might want to check out this handy infographic. 

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