Flights to Rome for $400/$600 from major US cities

Pantheon at night

If you’ve never been to Italy, Rome is a good place to start. The history speaks for itself. The food is excellent — although watch out for tourist traps purporting to sell authentic gelato — and while you probably won’t understand what anyone says, if you gesture a lot with your hands and speak 30% louder than you normally would, you’ll fit in just fine.

Want to go to Italy but prefer Florence or Naples? The train is extremely comfortable and quite affordable if you book in advance. This list of travel websites and apps will come in handy.

FYI, all of these flights are full-service airlines such as TAP Portugal or Turkish Airlines, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for checked bags or meals.If you book one of these flights or have any other questions, let me know! Send me a postcard if you go 🙂

For these fares, I looked for 7-10 day trips around President’s Day Weekend in February.

Boston – $426 on TAP Portugal
Chicago – $623 on Turkish Airlines
Houston – $635 on Delta
Miami – $545 on TAP Portugal
New York – $464 on TAP Portugal
San Francisco – $658 with Air France
Washington, D.C. – $571 on Turkish Airlines

For the absolute cheapest price (and to help support this website), book your flight through my DoHop search engine link.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet for free flight updates and cheap travel tips for Europe, do so by clicking here.

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