Flights from Portland to Paris or London for $450/$550, including Summer!

Le Arc.

Portland is my current home base, and generally it’s not a cheap origin city for flights to Europe (Seattle is better). But there’s one helluva deal right now for flights from Portland to Paris with tons of availability between now and August if you want to take a one or two week break in Europe. Portland to London gets cheapish in March ($650) and drops down to a deal in April and the start of May ($550). If you decide on Paris, today I published an excellent guide to the quaint city of Besançon. It’s written by my expat friend Nancy, who lives there. Check it out if you want ideas for weekend getaways outside of Paris.

FYI, these terrible photos were taken by me at the very beginning of my very first trip to Europe, in August 2013, when I had absolutely no idea how to adjust my cheap digital camera’s exposure. Hope seeing them makes you cringe as much as I do! 😛

Sacre Coeur

Want to go to France but prefer Marseilles or Bordeaux (or Besançon) ? The train is extremely comfortable and quite affordable if you book in advance. This list of travel websites and apps will come in handy. And if you want to go somewhere farther away in Europe, here are five excellent flight search engines I use to find cheap flights.


If you book one of these flights or have any other questions, let me know! Send me a postcard if you go 🙂


Portland – London: May 2-10 for $556 on Air Canada. For the absolute cheapest price (and to help support this website), book your flight through my DoHop search engine link.

Nave, St. Eustace

Portland – Paris: June 29-July 15 (Be there for Bastille Day!) for $520 on American/British Airways. For the absolute cheapest price (and to help support this website), book your flight through my DoHop search engine link. If you search for flights in the spring to Paris the price will drop about $100.

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