Los Angeles to Norway flights from $350

Norway is the fourth-most expensive country in the world but probably the prettiest. Since the dollar keeps getting stronger — who knows for how much longer — now is a damn good time to visit. Fun fact I just learned: an actual penguin is a colonel in the Norwegian army. Tells you a lot about how seriously they take national defense.

If for some reason you don’t feel like visiting Norway, it’s easy to book a cheap connecting flight on a budget airline such as Ryanair to other places in Europe. And if you want to travel somewhere else in Europe without flying or paying a lot of money to rent a car, this list of travel websites and apps will come in handy.

For the absolute cheapest price (and to help support this website), book your flight through my DoHop search engine link. If you book one of these flights or have any questions about them, let me know 🙂

Bergen Harbour Norway #dailyshoot

Los Angeles-Bergen: May 3-16 on Norwegian for $409.


Los Angeles-Bodø: April 26-May 7 on Norwegian for $463.

blue code

Los Angeles-Oslo: May 7-16 on Norwegian for $344.

A strange (but beautiful) combination of rain and sun

Los Angeles-Trondheim: May 2-7 on Norwegian for $431.

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Also, how do you pronounce Bodø?

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