Flights to Switzerland for $400/$500

Basel, Switzerland

Fondue, The Matterhorn, Mountain Goats. Those are three reasons to visit Switzerland. Right now you can fly there for cheap on full-service airlines from several major US cities, with most of the best deals in April and May. Spring break, anyone? Tell me if you booked this flight, or have questions about what to do in Geneva, Basel, or Zurich¬†ūüôā


For the absolute cheapest price (and to help support this website), book your flight through my DoHop search engine link.

Boston-Geneva: May 12-20 on Air Canada for $403.

Denver-Basel: May 12-20 on Lufthansa for $509. 

Miami-Zurich: May 19-27 on Swiss Air for $512. 

Newark-Zurich: May 11-18 on Swiss Air for $425.

San Francisco-Zurich: May 11-18 on United and Swiss Air for $505.

Seattle-Zurich: May 1-10 on United and Swiss Air for $463

Washington, D.C.-Zurich: May 18-26 on United and Swiss Air for $507.  

If you want to fly somewhere else besides Switzerland, you can book a cheap connecting flight using one of these awesome flight search engines. It might help to check this handy¬†infographic¬†on¬†budget airlines, since there are so many budget carriers in Europe. EasyJet has a major hub in Geneva, FYI. And if you want to travel overland — for example, take the train through the Alps — without flying or paying a lot of money to rent a car, this list of travel websites and apps¬†will come in handy.

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