Flights from New York to Italy for $400/$500

Hey New Yorkers! Royal Air Maroc is running a sale for flights to Italy; you hop on a nice comfy 787 Dreamliner to Casablanca, then make a quick transfer onwards to your preferred destination.

Tell me if you book one of these flights! And ask me for help if you need it. Shameless plug: to get the lowest possible fare and support NY2L flights, consider doing it through this Momondo search engine link.


Bologna: May 7-19 on Royal Air Maroc for $406

The Nutcracker, Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy

Milan: April 4-14 on Royal Air Maroc for $406

Capri, Italy

Naples: April 12-22 on Royal Air Maroc for $493


Rome: May 7-17 on Royal Air Maroc for $$409

If you want to fly somewhere else besides Spain, you can book a cheap connecting flight using one of these awesome flight search engines. It might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Vueling, which is based on Spain. If you want to take the high-speed train between Madrid and Barcelona or learn about other ways to get around Europe, this list of travel websites and apps is a great resource to check out.

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