Flights from SF/LA to Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden for $275/$400.

Now is definitely the best time to book your next vacation to Europe, right before prices start to jack up in the summer. So if you’ve always wanted to go BASE jumping from the top of a fjord in Norway, taste eclectic seafood fresh out of the ocean in Iceland, or catch cutting-edge music acts such as Seinabo Sey or Kiasmos in their Nordic home environment, this is your chance.

You’ll need to be a little flexible as most of these flights leave in the earlier part of the week, and there isn’t much availability besides March and April — but hey, you only live once! Send me a message if you need any suggestions for what to do/where to go/etc.

If you want the lowest possible fare (plus want to support this website) consider booking through Momondo. And share this with your friends and family 🙂

Los Angeles-Bergen: March 13-22 on KLM for $438

Los Angeles-Copenhagen: March 22-29 on Swiss Air and Air Canada for $394

Los Angeles-Reykjavik: April 18-27 on WOW air for $410. 

Los Angeles-Stockholm: April 11-20 on Norwegian for $331. Link is in Norwegian, use Google Translate.

Oakland-Oslo: April 4-18 on Norwegian for $300. Link is in Norwegian, use Google Translate.

San Francisco-Bergen: March 14-23 on KLM for $438

San Francisco-Copenhagen: March 28-April 4 on Air Canada and Swiss Air for $372

San Francisco-Reykjavik: April 10-25 on WOW air for $275

San Francisco-Stockholm: March 20-28 on KLM for $408

If you want to fly somewhere else besides Scandinavia, you can book a cheap connecting flight using one of these awesome flight search engines. It might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Wizzair, which connects to Budapest and other major cities in Eastern Europe. If you want to take the train or alternative modes of transport such as car sharing, this list of travel websites and apps is a great resource to check out.

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