May/June flights to Paris from $365 (17 US cities)

Moulin Rouge

For those of you planning your spring or summer travel to Europe, Paris should always be at the top of the list. The lights. The art. The macarons. *swoon.*

What’s great is there are some deals here from less major airports, especially if you live in the South and are used to seeing prices over $1,000 for a roundtrip flight to Europe. You’re welcome, Raleigh-Durham :p

Don’t be shy to ask me for travel advice or help booking flights! If you want to do some more searching around but aren’t sure where to look, here are five awesome flight search engines.

Baltimore: May 10-26 on WOW air for $510

Boston: June 3-16 on Icelandair for $365

Charleston, SC: June 2-16 on Jetblue and Royal Air Maroc for $653

Chicago: June 1-15 on United for $426

Denver: June 4-18 on Air Canada and Brussels Airlines for $446

Detroit: June 1-16 on United and Air Canada for $482

Los Angeles: May 14-26 on WOW air for $420

Miami: May 9-26 on Air Canada for $391

Minneapolis: May 31-June 15 on Icelandair for $466

Newark: May 18-31 on WOW air for $380

Philadelphia: June 7-21 on Air France for $552

Pittsburgh: June 1-15 on Icelandair and Jetblue for $652

Portland, OR: May 3-18 on Air France for $554

Raleigh-Durham: June 2-16 on Jetblue and Icelandair for $653

Seattle: June 1-16 on Icelandair for $553

San Francisco: May 4-18 on British Airways for $452

Washington, D.C.: June 2-16 on Icelandair for $465

If you want to connect elsewhere from Paris, it might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Ryanair, which has a small hub in the town of Beauvais, an hour’s train ride north. If you want to take the train down from Paris to Provence or figure out how car sharing in Europe works, these travel websites and apps will prove quite useful.

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