Summer flights from Chicago to Europe for under $500

Chicago, you haven’t been forgotten. If you want to go somewhere unique in Europe this summer, there are some awesome sales (possibly mistake fares) on Air Canada and Finnair to destinations in Scandinavia. Plus the fares for Paris are super low right now. Hop on it!

If you want to do some more searching around but aren’t sure where to look, here are five awesome flight search engines.


Copenhagen: June 2-15 on Finnair for $395

Streets of Gothenburg

Gothenburg: August 15-30 on United and Lufthansa for $476


Oslo: June 7-20 on Air Canada and Brussels Airlines for $471

Palace of Versailles

Paris: June 6-19 on Air Canada for $460

Water view of Stockholm

Stockholm: July 20-August 3 on United for $494

If you want to connect elsewhere in Europe, it might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Norwegian. If you want to explore more remote locations by taking the train or car sharing, these travel websites and apps will prove quite useful.

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