Summer flights from Dallas/Houston to Madrid, UK, Venice for $550/$650

I feel for you, Texans. It’s not easy finding cheap flights to Europe, especially not in the middle of summer. Lucky for you, I found some really awesome deals from Dallas and Houston on full-service airlines to some of the coolest destinations in Europe.

You can hit up Scotland by taking a trip to Edinburgh (check out this awesome guide written by my friend Kim) or London — make sure to visit trendy Shoreditch. There are also really cheap flights to the Spanish capital, and the capital of glass-blowing, Venice.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these destinations — I’m here to help!

If you want to do some more searching around but aren’t sure where to look, here are five awesome flight search engines.

Edinburgh Christmas Fair

Dallas-Edinburgh: Aug 8-24 on Delta for $547


Dallas-Madrid: August 8-24 on Delta for $670

Red, Venice

Dallas-Venice: August 7-21 on Delta for $624


Houston-London: June 14-29 on Delta for $611

Manchester Central Library

Houston-Manchester: August 8-22 on Singapore Airlines for $641

If you want to connect elsewhere in Europe, it might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Norwegian. If you want to explore more remote locations by taking the train or car sharing, these travel websites and apps will prove quite useful.

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