Flights from Boston/NYC/Philly to Portugal and Spain from $368

WOW. I’ve found some pretty rad flight deals, but this has to be one of the best. Normally Barcelona and Madrid are relatively cheap destinations from the East Coast of the USA (I included the fares to those cities, because duh).

But if you want to see a completely different side of Spain — the rugged Basque Country, or Galicia with its deep Celtic roots — you’re going to love this. A brief intro:

The All Seeing Eye, Santiago de Compostela

Back in 2013 I walked the Camino de Santiago and experienced the beauty of northern Spain for myself. The people here are proud of the languages they speak — Basque, Asturian, and Galician. They also take immense pride in their cuisine, their football (Bilbao only fields Basque-born players, and Real Oviedo was saved from bankruptcy by a worldwide crowdfunding effort), the beautiful landscape that they call home, and a history that goes back thousands of years.

Not actually lost.

I went back on separate trips to the Basque Country and fell in love with the city of San Sebastián /Donostia (that’s where I am in that photo). One day I would like to visit Cantabria and Asturias — maybe you can beat me there.


Your friends will truly be jealous if you go. I certainly will be! If you want to know about the Camino de Santiago or surfing in the Basque Country, just ask. I’d be delighted to help.

PS: I also included flights to Portugal, since that’s in the neighborhood.

If you want to do some more searching around but aren’t sure where to look, here are five awesome flight search engines.

Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Cabo

From Boston:

A Coruña for $417 on Iberia
Barcelona for $368 on Brussels Airlines and United 
Bilbao for $368 on United and Lufthansa
Madrid for $384 on British Airways 
Oviedo for $407 on Iberia
Porto for $373 on TAP Portugal and Lufthansa
Santander for $495 on Iberia
Santiago de Compostela for $423 on British Airways

Picos de Europa

From New York:

Barcelona for $398 on Brussels Airlines
Bilbao for $454 on Lufthansa
Lisbon for $411 on Royal Air Maroc
Logroño for $532 on Iberia
Madrid for $437 on Iberia
Oviedo for $457 on Iberia
Porto for $437 on United and Lufthansa
Santiago de Compostela for $454 on Iberia
Vigo for $453 on Iberia Les falaises d'Hendaye depuis la mer - Pays Basque Euskadi - Photo Image Photography

From Philadelphia:

A Coruña for $513 on Iberia
Barcelona for $408 on United
Bilbao for $480 on United and TAP Portugal
Madrid for $465 on United
Oviedo for $514 on Iberia 
Porto for $480 on United and TAP Portugal

If you want to connect elsewhere in Europe, it might help to check this handy infographic on budget airlines such as Norwegian. If you want to explore more remote locations by taking the train or car sharing, these travel websites and apps will prove quite useful.

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6 thoughts on “Flights from Boston/NYC/Philly to Portugal and Spain from $368

      1. I emailed 2 weeks ago after the Croatia flights post, saying that I was looking into doing the Camino in the Spring. I’ve forwarded your posts to friends as well.


      2. That’s right 🙂 Will you be doing the Camino then? Also thank you for sending my flight deals on to your friends — that’s a big help!

        Which Camino will you be doing? I did the Frances (plus an additional 800 km before that on the trail from Vezelay). I highly recommend walking one of the 4 routes in France if you have the time.


  1. Have you seen The Way? I already have my scallop shell earrings 🙂 I definitely want to start in France. A friend of mine did it in February 3 years ago in the snow! 15 years ago I was hiking in the Pyrenees. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I saw it years ago. Big inspiration for me. Of course once you walk the Camino The Way really pales in comparison, but it gives you a nice overview of some of the places.

      Walking in the snow sounds beautiful! And also probably quite isolated. Which is a good thing, actually.


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