SUMMER flights from USA to Greek Islands for $500/650

This could be the best beach vacation you ever take. Normally flights to Santorini and the other Greek islands cost well over $1,000, especially during peak tourist season, but somehow these flights in August are at off-season prices. Check ’em out!


PS-Athens gives you direct access via ferry or quick Ryanair flight to many of the islands. Check out this useful list of travel websites and apps so you can find your way around the islands.

Chania, Crete

Boston-Santorini: August 8-24 on Iberia for $620

Chicago-Athens: August 8-24 on Iberia for $624

Ft. Lauderdale-Athens: August 6-25 on United and Lufthansa for $507

Los Angeles-Santorini: August 8-24 on Iberia for $591

New York-Thessaloniki: August 8-22 on Turkish Airlines for $649

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