Flights from LA to Italy for $400

This one is for my peeps in SoCal. One of the best times to visit Italy is in the late spring, when the weather is pleasantly warm without being over-poweringly hot like it gets in June. You’ll still be able to go for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean, you won’t have to elbow quite as many tourists out of the way when you’re trying to get a clear shot of the David in Florence. Sounds like you should probably get your ticket now, huh?

Any one of these cities has direct access via comfortable high speed rail to other major parts of the country, including Cinque Terre, Sicily, Florence, and Venice. Check out this useful list of travel websites and apps so you can find your way around the country.

If you have other questions about Italy or anywhere else in Europe, give me a shout!

From Los Angeles:

Milan: April 12-26 on American Airlines for $408
Naples: May 2-16 on British Airways for $460
Rome: April 14-28 on American and Finnair for $416

From Santa Ana:


Milan: April 11-25 on Air France and United for $412
: April 10-25 on American for $445

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