Mistake fare flights from Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh & Savannah to Europe. $400-$600

Red light districtAt night in Amsterdam, Flickr

One of my best friends lives in Durham, NC and it’s basically a desert as far as cheap international flights are concerned. So is most of the south. So for those of you who live in Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia, this will feel like a drop of water to your parched tongue.

It’s possible some of these are mistake fares (especially the flights below in the $400 range). If you do book at this stupidly low rate, I HIGHLY recommend waiting a week to see if the airline honors your fare before you start booking hotels and other excursions. It sucks but occasionally travelers get shafted like that.

Got any questions about these flights, or want recommendations on things to do? Ask!

Atlanta-Amsterdam: May 10-24 on British Airways for $437.

Atlanta-Istanbul: May 9-24 on United and Turkish Airlines for $617

Nashville-Paris: May 3-17 on American Airlines for $414

Raleigh/Durham-Stockholm: May 18-31 on JetBlue and Icelandair for $560

Savannah-Madrid: May 2-12 on JetBlue and Royal Air Maroc for $549

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