$400 flights from Boston/NY/Miami to Ibiza/Mallorca/Menorca

A pretty cool deal for anyone with a case of island fever. Fly to the Balearic Islands and chill out on gorgeous beaches, rent a white-washed villa with your friends, and go dancing during the day at Ibiza’s famous raves. Never been myself, but from what I hear it’s a good time (also a bit of a sausagefest — make of that what you will).

Here’s a roundup of the best beaches in Menorca from Conde Nast to get you in the mood.

Boston-Menorca: May 22-June 5 on British Airways and Iberia for $429

Miami-Palma de Mallorca: May 22-June 7 on Air Europa for $438

New York-Ibiza: May 23-June 5 on Air Europa for $476

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