Summer flights from USA to Iceland from $320

Do you enjoy rugged wilderness hiking, indie music festivals, fresh sushi, and the (very slight) chance of dying in a massive volcanic eruption?

You should really visit Iceland! Lucky for you, I found a bunch of cheap fares from all over the USA to the capital city of Reykjavik. Let me know if you book.

Austin-Reykjavik: August 22-September 5 on Jetblue and Icelandair for $659

Boston-Reykjavik: July 5-19 on Icelandair for $486

Chicago-Reykjavik: August 19-September 2 on WOW air for $400. WOW is a low-cost carrier. They charge about $100 extra for 1 checked bag per roundtrip. This infographic can help you understand their extra fees.

Denver-Reykjavik: July 18-August 1 on Delta for $584. 

Los Angeles-Reykjavik: June 1-16 on WOW air for $460.

Minneapolis-Reykjavik: August 3-17 on Icelandair for $605. 

New Orleans-Reykjavik: August 21-September 4 on Jetblue and Icelandair for $668

Philadelphia-Reykjavik: July 12-26 on Icelandair for $386

Pittsburgh-Reykjavik: July 13-27 on WOW air for $320

June 6-20 on Delta for $433

San Francisco-Reykjavik: August 8-24 on WOW air for $370

Seattle-Reykjavik: June 27-July 12 on Air Canada for $481

Tampa: July 5-19 on Air Canada for $585

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