$400 flights from Boston to Azores, Faroes, and other tiny Atlantic islands.

The Azores are beautiful. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never been there. But that little volcanic dot in the middle of the Atlantic is a gem. So are the Faroe Islands. And Madeira. And the Canary Islands.

You get the picture. Speaking of pictures, take lots of them if you go. Here are some awesome deals for May and June.

Boston-Azores: May 2-15 on Azores Airlines for $453

Boston-Faroe Islands: May 9-22 on SAS for $616

Boston-Iceland: June 6-16 on WOW air for $300

Boston-Madeira: June 1-14 on Azores Airlines for $560. ICYMI, this is the place where Ronaldo’s freakish bust was unveiled.

Boston-Tenerife: May 21-June 1 on British Airways and Iberia for $419

Want more deals like this? Sign up here. It’s free. 

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