Flights from Atlanta, Houston, and Nashville to Europe. Starting at $430.

The Mill

Into the Woods

Want to go somewhere interesting this autumn? Check out Manchester (those two shots were taken there). With the exception of Miami, the Southeastern part of the USA almost never has cheap flights to Europe. So it’s pretty awesome to call Atlanta, Houston, and even Nashville (!) for a change. You can fly nonstop on Singapore Airlines, one of the top-rated airlines in the world, from Houston to Manchester for a little over $620. Yes please.

As usual, if you have questions about booking or want some travel recs, I’m always here to help!

Atlanta-Dublin: September 5-19 on JetBlue and Aer Lingus for $648

Atlanta-Madrid: October 24-November 3 on JetBlue and TAP Portugal for $512

Atlanta-Milan: November 1-13 on United Airlines for $431

Atlanta-Rome: October 4-18 on Virgin Atlantic and British Airways for $661

Houston-Manchester: September 6-20 on Singapore Airlines for $620

Houston-Rome: October 4-18 on Turkish Airlines for $673

Nashville-Dublin: October 11-25 on JetBlue and Aer Lingus for $630

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