October flights from USA to Europe under $500

Picture this: It’s late October, and you’re walking along the Seine after a cold bout of Paris rain. The leaves have begun to change and in the weak afternoon light you feel just the tiniest bite of cold. Time to escape to a warm cafe, order yourself a cappuccino and read a book before dinner at the cozy brasserie down the street from your apartment.

Starting at $367, that could be you. Check out the fares from these major US cities to romantic fall destinations including Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Lyon.

Boston-Amsterdam: October 16-30 on Icelandair for $454

Boston-Geneva: October 16-30 on TAP Portugal for $474

Boston-Paris: October 16-30 on TAP Portugal for $491

Chicago-Paris: October 16-30 on Icelandair for $526

Los Angeles-Nice: October 16-30 on British Airways and Iberia for $466

Los Angeles-Paris: October 18-November 1 on British Airways for $421

Miami-Amsterdam: October 16-30 on TAP Portugal for $432

Miami-Lyon: October 16-30 on TAP Portugal for $477

Miami-Paris: October 16-30 on TAP Portugal for $403

New York-Amsterdam: October 16-30 on Icelandair for $468

New York-Geneva: October 17-29 on TAP Portugal and Norwegian for $473

New York-Paris: October 16-31 on Norwegian for $367. Link and currency in Norwegian.

Seattle-Amsterdam: October 15-29 on Icelandair for $476

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