Under $500 September flights to Europe

Hey there, fellow cheap fare seekers. My apologies for the lack of deals the last few days! To make it up to you, I present you with these super awesome flights to Europe at the tail end of summer.

Boston-Vienna: September 7-21 on Iberia for $421

Denver-London: September 26-October 10 on Norwegian for $478

Los Angeles-Berlin: September 12-27 on American, Finnair, and Iberia for $455

Miami-Madrid: September 7-20 on TAP Portugal for $464

Minneapolis-Copenhagen: September 12-26 on Air Canada for $422

Newark-Barcelona: September 7-21 on Norwegian for $487

New York-Malaga: September 26-October 10 on TAP Portugal and Norwegian for $400

Oakland-Brussels: September 12-27 on Delta for $350

Pittsburgh-Stockholm: September 10-28 on WOW air for $429

San Francisco-Dublin: September 12-27 on WOW air for $400

Seattle-Amsterdam: September 27-October 11 on Icelandair for $481

Want more deals like this? Sign up here. It’s free. 

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