Flights from USA to Europe under $400

A quick note about these flights to Europe in the fall:

Most of these fares are on Norwegian, one of my favorite airlines (they’re cheap but they treat passengers much better than United). It’s a great airline that only flies modern, comfy jets with plenty of legroom. But they do charge extra for check-in luggage and meals. Even if you add on the cost of a checked bag you’re still looking at a flight for under $500. Read more about them here.

Boston-Copenhagen: October 24-November 8 on Norwegian for $270

Ft. Lauderdale-Barcelona: October 24-November 8 on Norwegian for $387

Los Angeles-Barcelona: November 1-15 on SwissAir and Air Canada for $330

Los Angeles-Oslo: September 27-October 11 on Norwegian for $333

Newburgh, NY-Dublin: September 7-21 on Norwegian for $264

New York-London: September 18-29 on Norwegian for $338. Link and currency in Norwegian.

Oakland-Stockholm: October 11-23 on Norwegian for $319

Providence-Bergen: September 26-October 11 on Norwegian for $277

Seattle-London: October 31-November 9 on Icelandair for $386

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