Hey there! That handsome dude is me. I took that photo while I was in Florence in October 2015 on a whim (I paid about $275 for my flight from the USA).

I’m from California, and I first started looking for cheap flights when I went to university in Boston back in 2009.

That skill carried over when I quit my first job a year after graduating from university. I was still living in Boston and came to the realization that:

1) I hated what I was doing
2) I had always wanted to backpack around Europe

And lucky for me, my girlfriend at the time broke up with me just in time to buy my flight before prices went up for the summer. I found a flight to London with a 36-hour layover in Iceland for about $330. Not bad for a flight in early August!

What I thought would be a 6-month excursion turned into a nearly 2-year adventure without coming home. I lived on a shoestring budget but had the time of my life. I walked 1,000 miles on the Camino de Santiago, hitch-hiked and Couchsurfed my way across more than twenty countries, and made some incredible friends for life.

On average I flew once every month, so by the time I came back home to the US in May 2015 I was a veteran flier who knew how to avoid check-in baggage fees, find the cheapest possible route from A to B, and was willing to rough it by sleeping in airports if I had to. I loved Europe so much that I flew back only four months after I had come home (that’s how I ended up in Florence).

At this point I still travel, but not nearly with the same frequency as before. And I found a job that I love: I’m a freelance copywriter with a specialty in SEO blogging and writing landing pages. My clients are scattered all over the world, kind of like my friends (and like me). Since I spend so much time looking for cheap flights, it seems like a waste to keep this knowledge to myself.

For now I want to keep this website free, because I know too many people who think that traveling is something for rich people. It’s not, and I want to correct that misconception. If you always dreamed of walking the streets of Paris but never thought you could afford it (let alone getting there), I’m here to help.

To contact me, click here. Thanks for stopping by!

– Nathan